About me

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I hail from Bergen, Norway a small city on the west coast of Norway. Between 2008 and 2014 I studies various subjects at the University of Bergen. Eventually I graduated with a masters degree in information science. From 2014 to 2020 I worked as a developer at the Norwegian centre for research data. I learnt a lot among other things the beauty of functional programming with Clojure. Later I joined Adventure Tech where I build solutions for the travel industry.

In my free time I enjoy playing video games, playing synths, and working on side projects. This is one of them. I have been looking at Astro, a new static site generator, for a while now. This web site is my first attempt at using it. Other projects include Ajanottaja a time tracking app for my own work needs.

Like many other developers I also brew beer. I have been brewing for about 10 years now. Nothing beats a good belgian trappist style beer.



I’m of the school of thought that email is a great way to communicate. If you want to get in touch with me reach out at [email protected]. I enjoy personally crafted emails about my blog posts, or just to say hi.

Marketing and recruiter spam

If you try to sell me something, please don’t. I will not buy it and your email will be marked as spam and promptly deleted. If you want me to work for you, don’t send me an automated or generic email. I will not respond to it and it will promptly be sent to /dev/null.

Social Media

I’ve jumped between social media platforms for a while now. Currently I’m on the Bluesky network. If you are too feel free to engage with me there. I even use Bluesky as a comment system for my blog, so you can comment on my posts there.