Escape from Bergen

This is my second track, “Escape from Bergen”. I went through a few of the presets on my Dave Smith Instruments Rev2 synth and found a fun sound I wanted to use. The nature of the sound inspired me to make something a bit groovy. In the second half an ethereal lead is added to give the track a bit of a dreamy feel.

I finally managed to purchase Logic Pro after having struggled with card issuer verification for a few weeks. With Logic Pro I now have access to automatic cross fading, which is a great feature! I also wanted to try out the session musicians feature, so for this title the bass and drums are played by the software.

All synth tracks in the song are performed by yours truly. I hope you enjoy the song, and please let me know what you think by liking the song or contacting me.

Escape from Bergen - 2 minutes 6 seconds

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