Privacy & license is a personal website and my goal is to track as little as possible about you.



The site is hosted on Cloudflare Pages and they collect some information. You can read more about what they collect in their privacy policy under “End users:“. In summary your IP address and some information about your browser is collected for a limited time. This is strictly used to prevent abuse and to serve the site to you.


My comment system is powered by the ATProtocol and the Bluesky network. When you interact with the comment system all interaction go directly to the Bluesky network. No information is collected by You can check out the source code for the comment system to verify. Read more about what information is collected by the Bluesky network in their privacy policy. Bluesky is a Public Benefit LLC and will hopefully not resort to selling user data to ad companies.


No analytics are currenetly used on These are no doubt blocked by your adblocker or privacy extension anyway. 😉


Source code

The source code for this website is licensed under the MIT License. You can find the source code on GitHub.


The content of this website is, unless otherwise stated, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License to me. This gives you the rights to non-commercially share copies or adaptations of the content, as long as properly attributed. You must also license any derivative work under the same license. If you are unsure if your use case is covered by this license, please contact me.